About Space Faction

Space Faction is a massive multiplayer online player versus player game set in a universe where a new and massive galaxy has just been discovered. The pioneers consist of everyone from government officials, to explorers, to criminals, all aiming to claim a piece of the new world.  But they won’t be able to do it alone.  To conquer the unknown, these newcomers must learn to hone their abilities and create factions with others, because as large as the galaxy is, it isn’t nearly large enough for everyone.

Space Game Play

With one of the largest varieties of ships available to any game, players will be able to explore the galaxy at their leisure, participate in ship to ship combat, police the galaxy, scout enemy territory, and even amass great fleets for battle against other factions.

Ground Game Play

On ground, players will be able to enter first person shooter combat against other players and npcs, along with exploring mysterious alien landscapes and player ships, completing stealth based missions, or collecting resources for crafting.


Many highly specialized classes are available for players to choose from, most classes offer subclasses that further centralize a unique focus for the player, whether the focus lies in space combat, treasure hunting, engineering, crafting, bounty hunting, exploring, or espionage, and whether or not players enjoy supporting a team, leading an attack, or playing on their own without a need for ties.  Such specialization offers a large range in variety amongst players from the Pilot that can choose to become a fighter pilot that runs missions based on pure skill or an enforcer that polices the galaxy, to the Surveyors that can choose to explore oceans, decipher ruins, or hunt for rare gems.


The many planets scattered around the galaxy are rich with resources and range greatly in environment, native fauna, and in the case of those planets already occupied by sentient beings, architecture.  Players can conquer these planets for their own factions and claim further pieces of the galaxy!


With access to an enormous amount of resources and special materials, players will be able to create weapons, ships, and items to fit nearly any taste and purpose.